Thursday, September 22, 2005

Escape Attempt #1

So I've had this awful cold for a while now, and on Tuesday Brooks convinced me it was time to go to the Dr. So I got in to see my regular NP and was diagnosed with bronchitis. After much conferring with various OB's, it was decided that I should go on antibiotics so it wouldn't turn into pneumonia. So I started the dose yesterday morning, and within two hours, WHAM, I became violently ill (I know this is my blog, but thank me for sparing you those details). In the midst of this full body spasm of sickness, the passenger decided that he'd rather just get out than deal with all of that - so I got my first dose of labor with some serious contractions. By the time all was said and done, I didn't have to rush to the hospital, just some good old bedrest got everything stopped. So I'm laid up in bed again today - to make sure there are no more contractions and also to try and finally kick this cold. I can only take so much daytime TV (although Bon Jovi was on Oprah yesterday!)....

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