Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life On The Sun

It's way too hot here in the Southland. WAY TOO HOT. My car said 118 yesterday. That's damn near 20 degrees over 100. I know, I'm a math whiz. But seriously, say it that way and it will drive home the point of how incredibly hot that is. I know, but it's a dry heat, right? Seriously, at 118 does it matter?! I kept the kids in undies most of the day and thought of just declaring it a nekked day, but I think Brooks would have had a heart attack. I feel like we're just living on the surface of the sun this week!

The boys are doing great in school. Fin has a new girlfriend, Sienna, who is adorable. He's been working more on his penmanship with me at home and is working hard at sounding out words and beginning to read in bits. Soccer is in full swing and he's really enjoying it this year (which makes one of us). Dash loves school too and is always disappointed to find that only Fin goes on Wednesdays. We're working hard on learning his shapes and colors. This week we're going to start on his letters too I hope. Kell is finally standing on his own and I expect him to start walking any minute now. His two bottom teeth have sprouted through and I know there are more on the way. He's starting to repeat tons of words and I feel like he's going to follow Fin in the lots-of-talking-less-walking pattern.

As for house news? There is none. We still own ours and our list of five we loved vanished in a three day period. So now we wait. We don't have a house we'd love to move into so we're just in a holding pattern. Brooks and I vacillate daily on what we want to do next - some days we just want to pull this house off the market and start making some of the improvements we'd like and other days we just feel like sardines in a can bursting at the seams! We've decided we'll take a long look at the situation this weekend.

That's about all I have for you today! Thrilling I know. I promise I'll find something more interesting to write when my brain isn't consumed with house stuff, and birthdays, and Halloween...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Haircuts and Mistakes

A few weeks ago I had the urge to get a fancy haircut. My head hadn't seen scissors in about five years, so I felt it was time. And with the house on the market and the possibility of a higher payment in a new home looming, I decided it was a good time to treat myself to a good one.

That was my first mistake.

So I went to a recommended salon and was able to get right in. Score! I told the chopping chick that I just wanted a trim. What about some long layers? WHY DO I FALL FOR THIS EVERY TIME??!? I HATE LAYERS?!? They would look so nice, it would make it lighter...blah blah blah...Ok.

That was my second mistake.

When your hair is down to your hiney, in WHOSE UNIVERSE IS CHIN LENGTH A LONG LAYER?!? THAT, my friends, is a VERY SHORT layer! And some mutant pieces are even shorter than that?! I thought I was going to cry. A first visit to Honest Monika confirmed my worst fears: I looked like I had short hair with long tracks clipped into the underside. For shame.

I spent the next three weeks trying to curl the underside more so it looked at least closer to even. Mostly I failed. And then my parents came to visit. Even my dad started to make fun of me. And when my mom was ragging on me in front of our Realtor and the REALTOR commented on how she thought it was fake hair this whole time?!? I knew something had to be done. But the weekend flew and I had no time to get to Supercuts.

(Sidenote: Supercuts will be getting all of my business from now on because you tell those bitches to cut a straight line and miraculously that's what they do! HOLLA!)

So this morning in the shower I considered shaving my head. But I didn't. I got out, opened my drawer and grabbed the first pair of scissors I could find.

(Another sidenote: curved cuticle scissors are NOT recommended for cutting hair.)

And I cut it. I cut my own hair. I cut damn near a foot off of my own hair. With curved cuticle scissors. Over the sink. Then I called my long-hair-loving husband in and asked him if the back was even. Then I watched him alternate between sadness and rage and finally agree to take a look at the back.

I'm hoping he'll get over it. Any hints for getting hair to grow faster?

Friday, September 03, 2010

House News...

Otherwise known as, what's been keeping me busy AND more stressed out than ever:

Our house is on the market.

We found a larger home that we can all happily fit into just up the road a bit. But of course we have to sell this one before we buy that one.

So this means keeping this house immaculate, staging (meaning half the stuff I need I can't find, half the kids toys are in the garage etc.) and of course running out with little notice when someone wants to see the place. And we've had over 20 showings so far (a little over two weeks) and not a buyer yet. I'm so flippin' tired of vacuuming that I could hurl.

(And speaking of hurling, the stomach flu is going around. I can't think of anything more challenging than current conditions. Oh unless you add a stomach bug. And did I mention that my parents will be here next weekend?)

When I whined to my mother about the insanity of all this, her response was "Do you think you're the only woman who had to sell her house with three small children and a hardworking husband?" Probably not, but I'd sure like to talk to that other chick! St. Joseph is buried and we're still getting calls for showings so cross your fingers for us! I hope to have a longer post - and some good news! - soon!