Friday, September 03, 2010

House News...

Otherwise known as, what's been keeping me busy AND more stressed out than ever:

Our house is on the market.

We found a larger home that we can all happily fit into just up the road a bit. But of course we have to sell this one before we buy that one.

So this means keeping this house immaculate, staging (meaning half the stuff I need I can't find, half the kids toys are in the garage etc.) and of course running out with little notice when someone wants to see the place. And we've had over 20 showings so far (a little over two weeks) and not a buyer yet. I'm so flippin' tired of vacuuming that I could hurl.

(And speaking of hurling, the stomach flu is going around. I can't think of anything more challenging than current conditions. Oh unless you add a stomach bug. And did I mention that my parents will be here next weekend?)

When I whined to my mother about the insanity of all this, her response was "Do you think you're the only woman who had to sell her house with three small children and a hardworking husband?" Probably not, but I'd sure like to talk to that other chick! St. Joseph is buried and we're still getting calls for showings so cross your fingers for us! I hope to have a longer post - and some good news! - soon!

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The Mommarazzi said...

Sending positive house selling vibes! That's exciting! Tell me about the potential new house!