Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Dash at 18 months

My Dearest Dash,

I'm sorry I've been so bad at keeping up with writing these for you - I already feel like I'm going to be terrible at keeping up with them for your baby brother!

Speaking of which, I suppose that's as good a place as any to start. You're going to be a big brother this August and despite how many times I tell you or explain it or make you watch a Discovery baby show, you have NO CLUE. You seem to think that my growing belly is just something for you to play on. When Fin was in your shoes, he seemed to grasp it all. But then again, Fin always loved babies - much the same way you love ducks. I guess I'd have better luck explaining to you that there was a duck in there :)

We are getting ready to take your second vacation to Topsail - I hope you like the beach as much as you did on your first visit and that you continue to have far more patience for sand than your brother does! We're flying out there without Daddy because he's saving time off for August, so Mommy is more than a little nervous about how she's going to handle you and Fin through a red eye flight with a connection. But I know you'll have a great time with your grandparents and your uncles and it will be nice for Mommy and Daddy to get a break in before your brother arrives.

Speaking of travelling, you continue to amaze all of us with your speed! One of the other Daddies at MyGym remarked that if his son could keep up with you, he was in good shape. The only problem is that you are NOT very coordinated. You trip and fall a thousand times an hour and your ability to smack your head into things is truly amazing. On the bright side, nothing seems to rattle you. You fell down the front steps the other day, stood up, SPIT out gravel and laughed at your scraped up face. You're all boy, that's for sure!

Your talking has picked up AMAZINGLY in the past few weeks - you can repeat anything that Mommy or Daddy says and you're finally able to say "Fin". One of your first perfect words was "please" and you use it all the time now - it makes Mommy so proud! You're still eating everything in sight and I really don't know where you put it! You are quickly approaching 25 lbs and wearing all 2T already, but you easily eat double what Fin does and some days I swear you eat more than your pregnant Mommy. You love any fresh fruit and you are obsessed with "dipping". You will eat anything as long as you have something to dip it in - from guacamole and salsa to marinara or alfredo and of course ketchup. You're not so keen on meat these days, and have also developed quite a taste for chocolate.

Our days are still pretty busy with Fin in school. Mommy is trying to keep up with walks on Mondays and Wednesdays, but as she gets larger they shorten and shorten. We always find our way to the lake because you LOVE the ducks! You scream at the top of your lungs every time you see them! Mommy tries to make sure we have a little bread to feed them and they even nipped you taking it right out of your hand last week - you didn't seem to mind and kept right on going. Tuesdays and Thursdays Fin is in school till noon and we get a little time alone together. On Tuesdays I take you to get a bagel and then we're off to MyGym. You love it but absolutely refuse to sit still for circle time - there's just too much for you to run around and do! Fin's school friends Owen and Colin have little siblings in your class so it's nice for Mommy to have some time to chat too. You're getting very good at sharing and always want to play with the other children - from balls to pushing them on the swings. We still spend plenty of time visiting with James - who is now just as much your friend as Fin's - and Monika. You get out of the car at her house and run to bang on the door screaming "Monika" perfectly! We even get playtimes with Maya and little Leila some days. I wish I had as many friends at your age as you do!

Ok my dear, time to go get some things done. I can't believe how quickly you're growing! It won't be long before I have to plan your second birthday fete and figure out what you'll be for Halloween. And just as I typed that, you laid your head down on my lap - I'm so glad you're my little boy!

All My Love,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23 Week Belly

I tried something a little different for this week's belly shots. And honestly, it didn't work AT ALL the way I wanted. I just can't take pictures of myself. I might have Brooks help me do some better ones in the next few weeks. I guess since this my last time pregnant, I want to make sure I document it :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

22 Week Belly

Ok, I officially feel HUGE. Although I have to say that for once my Dr. is telling me I'm right on track. Yay! Dash wanted in on the belly exposure too :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Help Me Internets, From Tball Hell

Ok Internets, I need your advice.

This week, Fin started t-ball. Initially I was a tad hesitant to start him because, dude, he's three. But he has a few friends doing it and I thought it would be a good opportunity for him. I don't expect - or want - any of my kids to be professional athletes, but I would like them to enjoy sports. My hope is to give them every opportunity I can to try as many new and fun things as they can. I also hope it will make Fin tired enough to sleep past 6:30 am.

Anyway, our first practice was this week and our first game is this weekend. Because I was a little late to the party, Fin isn't on a team with his friends and instead is on one where we don't know anyone. I wasn't worried about this. Fin loves kids, all kids, and makes friends almost instantly so if this experience was going to be tough on anyone it would be me since I don't know any of the parents. And, um, you know how I feel about making new friends. So I figured that the team didn't so much matter.

And that was mistake number one.

As the kids start to show up to practice, I notice that Fin, who is usually the shortest anyway, is DWARFED by some of these kids. One kid in particular is damn near my height. And then I see some of them play and it becomes clear that this is SO not the first time they've been on a team. But I know how enthusiastic Fin has been so I'm hoping that would compensate for height and lack of experience. The coaches seem nice and he seems to quickly find a niche among the other kids, so I sit back with Dash to watch the practice.

As I'm watching, I'm also (duh) eavesdropping on the parents chit chat around me. I shouldn't have been surprised, but still I was as I heard one parent say to the other "oh yeah, my son is five too, he'll be six, but I really felt like he needed another year in Division One". Oh how I wish I could say I were joking. At least this explains why this child looks like a giant! But seriously, who red-shirts their kid IN T-BALL, AT FOUR (or five?). Seriously?

I redirect my attentions to Fin and get my camera out to document this first practice of his first sport ever (and also, because people tend not to approach you when you're hiding behind a camera which I find very convenient). The coach is tossing fly balls to the kids and calling out names for each one to make a catch. It's Fin's turn and I'm thrilled to see that he's right under it, mitt ready...that is until giant Robbie Rotten (RR) walks over, grabs his mitt and CHUCKS IT as far afield as he can (which is actually impressively far). I'm still trying to figure out why he didn't just try and push him aside or catch it himself...I mean seriously, who does that?!? I loudly explain to Dash how rude the boy was while his mother shoots me a sideways glance but still says nothing.

Things progress uneventfully and I'm proud to watch Fin totally unfazed by the events.

As practice ends, it's time for the team meeting so the kids run to play together while the parents receive a never ending list of instructions on the when's and where's (forget your lazy Saturday mornings, it's game day!) and what's of the deal (anyone know where you can find a cup for a three year old?). I notice that a friend of mine has arrived with her son so that the boys can play in the park a little so I concentrate on listening to the coach knowing that someone has an eye on Fin.

Fin's buddy had brought with him two toys for them to play with which was an immediate hit. That is until RR and his evil sidekick decided they wanted to play too. Evil Sidekick (ES)grabs the toy from Fin and starts taunting him with it. Fin asks (nicely even I think!) for it back and is told no. Apparently there was also some teasing over his height and he told me later that the two shitheads referred to him as "a baby who shouldn't be on their team". This is about where I come in to see ES rolling down the kill, toy in hand, and Fin helping him along with a swift kick to his torso. I immediately reprimand Fin for kicking and direct him to apologize while my friend filled me in on what led up to it. Fin is trying to tell me about ES taking the toy while my friend goes up to the boy directly and tells him it's time to give it back to her. Which is when the kid THROWS it at her. Throws it. At an adult.

I'm starting to wonder if he could possibly be the rock tosser from the park.

After a lot of thought, I'm going to keep Fin on the team. He loves it, even with his complaints about being teased. I don't want him to run from adversity either. But as he was back on the subject tonight, lamenting being referred to as a baby, I told him that the next time RR said anything like that to him he should tell him that he should be on a team with kids his own age. Possibly not the best thing to say, but I was frustrated.

So Internets, here's my dilemma. How do I advise him to handle all this? And how involved do I get? I know it was wrong for him to kick ES, but really that kid totally asked for it (not that I told Fin that). How do I raise a boy who isn't a bully but also isn't a victim?

Practical and Peanut Gallery opinions appreciated!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

To Share Or Not To Share

Aunt Becky raised an interesting question lately about how much to reveal in your blog and what lengths to go to avoid offending people who may or may not be reading. It struck a cord with me since I've been working on a post that I've scrapped more than a few times because I was afraid it would hurt or piss someone off.

And then there's also the question of whether anyone is reading and really cares anyway

In the end, whether it's because I genuinely care about the person or because I just don't want to have to listen to them bitch, I generally just bag the post and try and move on. But this can present some issues too, because for me, one of the reasons I started blogging was a way to reflect on daily life without having to use a written journal so when I avoid honesty I'm not so much being true to myself.

And also, it's a lot less interesting to read when I put on my big girl panties and suck it up.

I mean, you might really enjoy reading my rant against an acquaintance who had the nerve to poke fun at the way I dress up my kids just as she was knitting sweaters for her dog. Or how much it pisses me off that my grandmother decides to have a health catastrophe every time I get pregnant. I mean really, I'd like to be able to call my mom and bitch about not feeling well without feeling guilty because I know that her day has been just as hard physically and likely harder emotionally. And then there are the many entries I've started about other peoples kids that piss me off and how much I HATE going to the park where tiney-hiney'd mamas in exercise garb gab at each other while their little monsters steal toys, push, and shove my kids, and THROW ROCKS AT ME. I mean literally, when you hear a conversation about how much they give up to stay home while paying ZERO attention to their children, you want to scream - GO TO WORK AND GET A NANNY! DO IT FOR ALL OF US. Ok, so maybe I will write more on that one, cause seriously? That shit PISSES ME OFF.

But generally, I think most of those things are best left in the basement. Go visit. Read secrets. Write something yourself. It's cathartic, I promise.

Meanwhile, I might be a bit of a stranger lately. Fin is on Spring Break (which makes me want to cry at the prospect of pending summer) and I'm working on a cool project with a friend that I promise to share soon.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

20 Week Update

Well, here we are! 20 Weeks! I feel like 20 weeks is soooo much longer to wait, but at the same time that these first 20 have gone by fairly quickly. Here's hoping the rest do too.

I'm in maternity clothes for the first time this week. They're still huge but so comfy and I know I'll grow into them before I'm ready. Little boy is also kicking up a storm and can actually now be seen from the outside which is pretty cool and Brooks gets to feel him every night since his favorite time to be active is around 9pm.

We had an ultrasound today - everything looked great and normal and he's measuring right on schedule. He had been kicking low and then seemed to turn this morning. During the ultrasound he went from transverse facing out to facing down and kept turning - the technician was pretty sure he was getting himself situated head down - which would be fantastic if he could get there and stay there. I also noticed that my back felt a little better today so I'm hoping that his position change has something to do with that as well.

I'll be scanning the new pictures as soon as the hubs gets home, so look for them soon :)