Wednesday, April 08, 2009

To Share Or Not To Share

Aunt Becky raised an interesting question lately about how much to reveal in your blog and what lengths to go to avoid offending people who may or may not be reading. It struck a cord with me since I've been working on a post that I've scrapped more than a few times because I was afraid it would hurt or piss someone off.

And then there's also the question of whether anyone is reading and really cares anyway

In the end, whether it's because I genuinely care about the person or because I just don't want to have to listen to them bitch, I generally just bag the post and try and move on. But this can present some issues too, because for me, one of the reasons I started blogging was a way to reflect on daily life without having to use a written journal so when I avoid honesty I'm not so much being true to myself.

And also, it's a lot less interesting to read when I put on my big girl panties and suck it up.

I mean, you might really enjoy reading my rant against an acquaintance who had the nerve to poke fun at the way I dress up my kids just as she was knitting sweaters for her dog. Or how much it pisses me off that my grandmother decides to have a health catastrophe every time I get pregnant. I mean really, I'd like to be able to call my mom and bitch about not feeling well without feeling guilty because I know that her day has been just as hard physically and likely harder emotionally. And then there are the many entries I've started about other peoples kids that piss me off and how much I HATE going to the park where tiney-hiney'd mamas in exercise garb gab at each other while their little monsters steal toys, push, and shove my kids, and THROW ROCKS AT ME. I mean literally, when you hear a conversation about how much they give up to stay home while paying ZERO attention to their children, you want to scream - GO TO WORK AND GET A NANNY! DO IT FOR ALL OF US. Ok, so maybe I will write more on that one, cause seriously? That shit PISSES ME OFF.

But generally, I think most of those things are best left in the basement. Go visit. Read secrets. Write something yourself. It's cathartic, I promise.

Meanwhile, I might be a bit of a stranger lately. Fin is on Spring Break (which makes me want to cry at the prospect of pending summer) and I'm working on a cool project with a friend that I promise to share soon.


jandjwagy said...

Hee-- I know who you are referring to for at least one of those scrapped posts. I doubt this person reads the blog, so go ahead and write it. Also, I hope that none of those posts are about someone who just bought a puppy against your wishes. Don't worry- the puppy won't curtail the babies:)

Maggie said...

He better not. Although you may soon see a post about a friend who bought a dog, created a blog for him and then just let it SIT with one sad post! I mean, poor Zeus!

jandjwagy said...

Hee! We knocked ourselves out with the first post and haven't had the motivation to do a second. We aimed too high. We will update this weekend hopefully!

Katie Mercado said...

Who the F**K had the balls to give you S**T about how you dress your kids? Really, do they have nothing better to complain about, Just wait till I have one, talk about people complaining about how someone dresses thier kid :)