Thursday, August 03, 2006

For Fin at Eight Months

My Dearest Fin,

You're eight months old. Wow. We're quickly approaching the time when you'll have spent more time outside in my arms than inside. You're growing like a weed, and wearing 18 month clothes (although I think that's a conspiracy and those sizes are just way off). You're cresting the 20 lb mark and we're onto size four diapers (I still hate to have to see the tiny newborn ones right next to them). Your bottom teeth are working their way through and you are none too pleased about it. You've mastered sitting on your own and you are working hard to learn to crawl and loving standing up - I'm worried you may just learn to walk first! Our talking has stalled a bit at "mama" and "dada", but your nonsensical babbling has picked up considerably :) You're drinking bottles now, which makes me a little sad that our nursing days are over, but I've found bottle feeding is still some nice bonding time for us and of course for dad too.

Our daily routine hasn't changed much. We get up around 7, happily if you've slept through the night (which is about three times a week right now) and take our time getting dressed and having a bottle for breakfast and then we set out on whatever errands the day has in store for us. You're still my best shopping buddy and I've even gotten used to the fits of laughter you indulge in whenever you get to see mom try on clothes. You love tags and I think that walking through aisles in clothing stores is as much fun for you as going to the park! Speaking of going to the park, we try and do that at least twice a week since you just love to swing. Then we're back home for lunch and you eat with mommy - tastes of whatever I eat and some YoBaby yogurt or some baby food for you. I have to keep a list of what you like and what you don't - and when you don't like it, look out! There was a baby food tasting at Whole Foods last week and the nice lady tried to feed you peas and after you gagged on the first bite she tried to give you more and I had to snatch you away so that you didn't decorate the store with strained peas!

Our afternoons are filled with our trips to the pool and some napping while I keep up with the housekeeping. Your favorite tv show right now is "Wonderpets", about a baby turtle, duck and guinea pig who live in a classroom and get calls on a can-on-a-string phone about other baby animals who need their help. You start laughing as soon as the theme song starts and the shows so cute that mom and dad don't mind watching it with you. I have to note also that you have the greatest giggle on the planet. Some days we watch it right before your nap and as you get tired, you just lean over and put your head on my lap and fall asleep. One day, I was laying down while you were sitting up next to me and you actually looked back at me and then laid down and suggled into me and feel asleep. It's still one of my favorite times of day when we get to snuggle a little together.

You still have a hard time in the evening, I sometimes think you may be picking up on my anxiety while I wait for your dad to come home - I'm sure you miss him as much as I do. Then we eat some dinner; some days you eat alone with dad while I go to the gym. Tub time is still one of your favorites. You've become quite the splasher! Daddy had to get a beach towel to clean up the floor after your adventure last night. Mommy washes you and then gets out to have some time to herself while daddy drains most of the water and lets you play some more. Daddy dries you off and puts lotion on you, but he plays while you do it and you two have so much fun. Finally, you get your last bottle and conk out so mom and dad can have some time alone. Daddy likes to snuggle you to sleep now (see, everyone wants to snuggle you!) and some days I have to ask him many times to take you to your own bed because you're just so cute.

I was watching something on TV last night, and the narrator was explaining how having children changes the world for you. He said it better than I ever could have - "it makes all the colors seem brighter." There was some commercial on yesterday about Christmas, and I found myself getting excited. I haven't been excited about Christmas for years. Sure I've always enjoyed it and looked forward to it as a good time to spend with family, but I'm talking about giddy, butterflies, running downstairs and screaming "He came! Santa came!" excitement. I've never been a fan of Halloween either and I'm finding myself even looking forward to that. It's like a gift to be able to relive those feelings and at the same time to be able to create those same emotions for you, to create those perfect magical holidays you'll always remember. All the stores are filled with back to school stuff and dad and I were talking about how much we loved getting all our new supplies to take to school and how excited we are to be able to get all the neatest stuff for you when it's time. I hope you love school as much as mom and dad did!

Your dad and I have always planned on having a few children, but I sometimes have a hard time imagining that any baby could be as perfect or as loved as you. I love having you all to myself and knowing that it's you and me all day with no other priorities. I can see how people who are only children would want to only have one child themselves because if I didn't love my brothers as much as I do I wouldn't know what you would be missing without a little brother or sister of your own. We're in no rush though, I'm enjoying just being with you too much right now.

All My Love,

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