Sunday, February 18, 2007

To Fin at Fourteen Months

To My Dearest Fin,

Ok, so you're almost fifteen months, but Mommy has been so busy with the office remodel, she hasn't had a chance to write to you. Our big news is you're WALKING! WALKING! I knew you could do it and it seems that you've finally figured that part out too. I'm so proud and it's very clear that you're proud of yourself too! You have twelve teeth - and getting those first year molars in was no fun for you. Speaking of first year, you celebrated your first birthday since I wrote you last, and I have a feeling that they only get more exciting from this one on out :)

You still nap twice a day and I am happy to say that you do it without your pacifier George. It was tough to part with him, but you were getting too big to be that child with a pacifier hanging out of his mouth. We've also moved on to whole milk and you only get a bottle at bed time. I'll be so sad to see that go, but I know you need to grow up and use only sippy cups. You're eating more adult foods now, although you still have yogurt and fruit every day. I try and sneak vegetables in at least once or twice a week, but you really hate that so I have to alternate between baby food veggies and fruit and this does NOT please you. Annies Organic Mac and Cheese is a current favorite, and if we're out, you LOVE to eat chicken or hamburger. When we go to our favorite breakfast place you will sit and eat a whole banana! You're not using utensils yet, but all the baby stuff says I should let you try soon - I think those people must have maids!

You're finally starting to enjoy being read to, but your tolerance is still only one book at a sitting and you will not let anyone other than you turn the pages. You're speech is improving by leaps and bounds, you always say "hi" and "bye", "Mommy" and "Daddy", "shoe" and "sock" and you can say and point out your "eyes" (as well as anyone elses!). You can point out your ears and nose and mouth too, but the words aren't here yet. You will point out babies, and say the word, although it sounds more like "Bobies". And you can repeat almost anything Mommy and Daddy say, which means we have to start being careful around you!

We see your baby friends, Maya and James, a few times a week and we try to walk to the park at least once. Other days we just have playdates and it's so much fun to watch you all play together. We're all looking at preschools now and I really hope that you can go together, and if not that you will still stay good friends. You call Maya by her name, but I suppose J's are harder since you haven't mastered James' name yet. Once a week our friend Jenny comes by and you love her (you call her "Enny"). She always sings to you and her voice is much nicer than Mommy's. We also see our neighbors Scott and Judy a few times a week. Scott makes you laugh and you love to give Judy big hugs. We have a new pet store up the street and I take you there once a week. They laugh at us because I told them that you think it's a zoo. The birds are your favorite and I think you could watch them for hours. But they let you hold the tiny baby tortise and you like that too. You still take two naps a day, and lately Mom has been trying to join you more often. You've learned that it's more comfortable to "spoon" with me and I LOVE that. You roll over with your back to me and scooch your bottom into my chest and wedge your head as close under my chin as you can get it and it seems like we're almost breathing as one person. Plus Mommy gets to be the big spoon for the first time ever. I'm so grateful that you are a cuddler! I was telling Jenny that if I had been allowed to design my own baby, I don't know what I would have done differently! Maybe made you whine less, but I guess you have to remind me sometimes that you are still a baby :)

Well, it's off to bed for me my boy, mommy loves you so very much!


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