Friday, April 20, 2007

For Fin at 17 Months

My dearest Fin,

It's taken me SO long to write to you. You've been keeping me so busy lately! Of course the biggest news in your life lately is that you're going to be a big brother! Spanky is set to arrive in early October, so hopefully by then you'll have some idea of what you're in for :) We had a Dr.'s appt today and when the nurse used the doppler to project Spanky's heartbeat, you said "Baby, Baby!" very excitedly. It was adorable.

We just got back from a visit to Chief and Nanny's - it was just you and me since Daddy was in Vegas for a conference. We had a great time, but boy were you a hellian on the planes! We had a flight attendant that I think has shared 9 out of the last 10 flights with us. She was laughing at my lack of control over you, and I told her that this was the LAST time I would fly alone with you! A few minutes later I realized it was totally true. We're off to Topsail in June, but Daddy will be with us then, and the next time we will fly to DC is at Christmas time and Spanky will be here so Daddy BETTER be with us :) It made me a little sad. I like to travel with you, I like that we can pick up and go - even if you do get us kicked off a flight, or not even let on it since your name is on the do not fly list.

Your language skills are picking up daily and you repeat just about anything Mommy and Daddy say. My favorite new additions to your vocabulary are "please" and "thank you". You use them often and appropriately and the glee from other adults does all the reinforcing so I don't have to.
You still don't want to eat veggies, but that's one of the few things you won't eat - you even had some calimari a few weeks ago with Mom and Dad. You're enjoying books more every day, and some of the stories you like so much you actually read them to yourself when I'm all done. You really are quite the smarty pants!

We're back on a summer schedule, with visits to the pool and the park most days. You're getting bolder with your swim skills and you're nuts for the parks' slide's. We see Maya and James often which is great for all of you, and we all just joined MyGym. Every Tuesday we go and you work on tumbling, swinging, hanging, jumping on the trampolene and all kinds of neat stuff. The first week you were very unsure of it all, but now you really love it! It's so amazing to watch you grow and learn new things. Speaking of new things, you're also very into coloring right now. So far, you keep it on the paper and it's so great to watch you work. You're playing with the chinchillas as I type this - you know their names and they come right up to the bars so you can give them "kisses". You know where their treats are kept, so it's no secret why they like you so much!

Well, I better go get you some dinner. I love you more than you will ever know!


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