Wednesday, August 01, 2007

For Fin at 20 Months

My Dearest Fin,

Wow, what a few months will do! I can't even believe how far you've come lately! You are talking up a storm - you are almost never quiet anymore. You have mastered sentences and have no problem asking for what you want and telling Mommy and Daddy what you DON'T want. You're excellent with please and thank-you and you never forget to say bless you when someone sneezes. Over the past few days you've even got down excuse me and sorry - and you use them as needed :) Much to Mommy and Daddy's amazement, you've also managed to learn your colors! Orange and blue are your favorites and yellow and green still give you some trouble, but you'll have them all down in no time. I think the new development that makes me the most happy is that you tell me you love me. The other day, we were snuggling for a nap and you rubbed my shoulder and said "Oh Mommy, I love you." Wow. Sweeter words were never heard!

I should probably tell you what some of your favorite things are right now. When Turbo and Gran visited a few weeks ago, Turbo bought you a little bunny and you LOVE it. It goes almost everywhere with us. Which reminds me, you also learned big and little! Your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Blues Clues and Little Einsteins. You also still enjoy Sesame Street and Wonder Pets and a little Go Diego, Go too. You talk back to the TV (I'm listening to you do it now) which cracks me up. Your favorite books are The Hungry Caterpillar, I Love you Stinky Face and Hop on Pop. There are tons of others you like too and we're reading just about every day. You're eating some baby food veggies now, but I always give them to you with fruit. I'm glad you're tolerating those since you need to get some veggies and the real thing is just not happening! As for fruits, you'll eat anything, but you love grapes and bananas.

We're not going to the park much these days - it's been over 100 for a while now and the slide would burn us up - but we're getting to the pool almost daily. You've finally adjusted to being slathered with sunscreen which is a relief since it was becoming such a struggle to get you covered. You're kicking up a storm and I'm hopeful we'll have some real swimming by next summer! Other than that we spend our days in playdates or MyGym or doing things around the house and running errands. We have "school" once a week with your little friends and the Mommies take turns planning very short "lessons" so you're getting your first taste of preschool. You're still taking one nap a day - around noon - and I still try and sneak a nap for myself in there as well. It makes me sad to think that once Spanky arrives I'll have to surrender that luxury.

Speaking of Spanky, he's kicking like a wildman and you seem eager to meet him. You talk to him throughout the day and whenever you see an ultrasound picture you scream "Spanky, Spanky!". I hope that you're as positive when he finally does arrive!

Ok, I'm off to get your snack ready. I love you and I'm so proud of you!


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