Friday, March 21, 2008

For Dash at 5 Months

My Dearest Dash,

Just like I did for your big brother Fin, I thought I would write you a little note and tell you some things about what your life is like at five months old.

You're sleeping in your own crib now, like such a big boy, and some nights (rarely) you even sleep straight through until morning! We still swaddle you, although you are quckly outgrowing your blankets. If we want to keep it up, we'll have to use quilts soon :) You're growing faster than I'd like and I think you're days in size two diapers are numbered. I went to Target last night (leaving you boys home with Daddy) and as I walked past all the cute little baby clothes I suddenly realized that you'd already outgrown them! It feels like it was yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with you and started looking at them again. How did you get so big??

With all of Fin's activities and playdates, our days are BUSY! We see Fin's friends from Mommy's birthing class almost every day. Lucky for you, Maya's mommy Kindra had a little girl a few weeks ago - Leila - and Taylor's mommy Elise will have little baby zach in a few weeks. You'll soon have a playgroup of your own! You've survived your first trip East as well as your first trip to Vegas (which you loved!) and our next few months will be filled with tons of travels as we go to New York for Aunt Carrie's Wedding, Topsail, NC for the beach vacation, and then back to DC in September for Aunt Julie's wedding. You're going to be one well-travelled little guy! Speaking of travelling, you're quickly becoming far too long for your "baby bucket" car seat. Your skinny little legs dangle off the ends of it and that's not to mention how buff mommy's arms are getting from trying to haul it around. We've already got your big-boy car seat ready to go, I'm just waiting until you can sit up a little better so that you're ready to tackle the world of shopping carts and high chairs!

Speaking of moving on to big things, you said your first word this week (3/19)! Daddy had come home from work early and got to hear it - Mama. Since Fin's first word was Dada, I think this was fair :) We're so proud of you, but a little concerned. I can't imagine a child more talkative than Fin, and you said your first word a little earlier than he did. At least you'll have eachother to talk to.

You take two naps a day and a few little snoozes. After running around all morning, we take a family nap together at 11. You're not very good at sleeping on your own yet, so most days I have to lay down with you both. Although I usually don't sleep, it's probably a very needed rest for me. Some days you and Fin both insist on "snuggles" and I find myself with a boy under each arm. I have to admit that there are days when you two seem too good to be true.

Like Fin, the late afternoon is the most difficult time for you. Everyone is waiting for daddy to come home and mommy's usually a tad tired and crabby. Once everything settles down, it's time for a bath. This is a mommy and daddy tag-team effort. Mom get's in with you AND Fin(oh the embarassment this will cause when you're both teenagers!) and dad get's everything ready for when we get out. You love the tub and you could care less when I dunk you or dump water over your head to wash your hair. There are some nights when I think you'd like to stay in the tub for hours! You love to lay on your back and kick and float. You're learning how to splash too - no doubt by the example of your big brother! After your tub it's time for one last meal and then to bed. We've been trying desperately to get you to take a bottle, but with no luck. Apparently there is just no substitute for mommy! We miss you being in our bed at night, but we all sleep a little better with you in your crib (three nights in a row of sleeping straight through as I type this). But on the weekends we all pile into Mommy and Daddy's bed in the morning and settle in for some snuggles and cartoons. You love to watch TV :)

So dearest Dash, there's a picture of your days right now. You're teething like mad, working very hard on your sitting skills and enjoying your first tastes of food (bananas are your favorite right now). We love you so much and are so enjoying watching you grow. Could you just slow down a little?

All My Love,

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