Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Insanity of Holiday Travel

My luggage is out and ready, the "what to pack" list has been printed, and visions of wintry outfits are dancing in my head...

That's right, we're getting ready to travel again.

I'd be lying if I said that I missed flying on our whoooole month off that was October. It was nice to have a few weekends where I wasn't running to the airport and back. But all good things must come to an end, and there is no getting out of Thanksgiving travel this year (although I urge everyone considering having children to birth around the holidays as it can get you out of ANYTHING from travel to awful office parties...)

So this weekend we will be on our way to Nashville to see the hubs' fam. It's Dash's first visit there and probably the first time Fin will really remember the trip, so that's good. My fabuloso MIL has promised to make her famous sausage balls. Mmmmm... Time with family is always good and it will be nice to see all the hubs' high school friends - whom I love as much as my very own high school friends. (Seriously, I looooove you guys! Have the booze ready!)

But then there's the getting there.

With the insane cost of air travel, we're going to have to milk the lap-baby for all it's worth (I mean, if someone offered you $500 to hold a baby for five hours, you'd do it, right?) On the surface, that doesn't sound so bad. I mean, Fin will have his own seat, so that means we three will have our own row. And the two boys don't take up a whole seat even together. But see, if you thought that, you must have only one child. Or no children. Because that would sign us up for a whole flights-worth of "MOM, DASH IS IN MYYYY SEAT! MOOOOOOOMMMM!"

That's once we're on the plane.

Before we get that far, I have to pack for four people and make sure we don't exceed our baggage limit or the weight limit of each bag. Also it means reeling in the hubs who has been known to try and pack every pair of shoes he owns while neglecting, oh I don't know, UNDERWEAR. Speaking of underwear, there is also deciding whether or not Fin should go in a pull-up or undies. (I'd be more comfortable with him in a pull-up but he'd probably throw a fit. He's been totally accident free for a few months, but I KNOW he will tell he that he has to go EMERGENCY as soon as the fasten seat belt sign comes on.) Then there's the fact that our flight leaves at 7am, which means I will get up just won't go to sleep the night before...

And did I mention that half of our family is on the do-not-fly list? Yeah. And yes, I did all of the things you're supposed to do to get them removed and that doesn't so much help. Which is why the boys have passports.

I know, I know. It's wonderful that we're able to make the trek East and spend our Thankful holiday with family.

But if you're on our flight, I apologize. Did I mention that Dash has just found his inner volume button. Seriously, I'm sorry...


Cara said...

I know this is lame of me, but she does make awesome sausage balls that I have never had duplicated anywhere. Enjoy one for me, will ya?

I wish you much luck with the holiday travel. I'd like to relate a quick version of my holiday travel nightmare-to-be. No children, except my future bro-in-law is going with us and he sometimes decides it's fun to show us what having a 2 year old will be like by "acting difficult and pouting." Did I mention he is almost 21? Oh and the only flight that wasn't insane (i.e. would push us to drive 14 hours to get to TN) is out of Islip on Long Island? I hope I take your words to heart, and remember I don't yet have little ones to scream the whole plane ride, and that ultimately it's good to be home with family and be grateful for it.
(But totally gonna remember how scheduling a kid during the holidays gets you out of things....)

Maggie said...

I will promise to save you a sausage ball - you better come by!! And the thing is, no one looks at you like you're responsible for the 21year old. When it's your child, people look at you like the kid should, oh I don't know, listen to everything you tell them to or not to do. HA! Idiots.

At least we're giving all you red-eye people a break this time. We usually loooove those. You know, cause the kids think if you're on a plan it's not REALLY nightime...

Mike said...

Booze and smokes will be ready (if you're into that sort of thing).