Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where I'm From*

I am from warm summer nights, waiting for the ice cream man, when mom rings the bell and it's time to come in. From jumping off the pier, avoiding jellyfish and biting flies, fishing, corn on the cob and the smell of old bay and fresh blue crabs on the porch, and illegal fireworks after dark.

I am from raking the leaves just to jump in the pile while fearing that there may be bugs inside. From being excited about back to school, crisp new uniforms and questionable lunches. From birthday sleepover parties, do your homework first, and family dinner night.

I am from cold winter mornings, praying for snow days and wearing sweatpants under my skirt. From large family Christmases filled with cookies and presents, fires in the evening, boggle and watching movies together. From sledding and take-your-snowy-clothes-off-in-the-basement days and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to warm you up afterward.

I am from welcoming spring, wishing I could swim, and dusting off summer dresses at the first sign of thaw. From red rover, capture the flag and freeze tag until it was dark enough to catch fireflies in jars. I am from letting them go.

I am from strong women and secure men, till-death-do-us-part marriages and children are blessings. From clean houses, education is important and raising children is a job.

Where are you from?

*You know that irritating 25 things on Facebook? This is kinda one of those. Sorry.

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clare t said...

that's beautiful!
i miss you :)