Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Special Pillowcase

When I was pregnant with Fin, I completed a long-overdue cleaning of our linen cabinet. In that process, I found a pillowcase my mom had embroidered for me with my initials and as I did, I realized that Fin would have the same initials as I did before I was married. I put it aside but kept that in mind. When it was time to go in for my induction, I grabbed my favorite pillow and put that case on it thinking it would be nice for him to have someday. When I was pregnant with Dash, I asked my mom to make one for him and she happily obliged. I realized somewhere about mid-July that I hadn't asked her to make one for Kell - DOH! I called her in a panic and asked if she could make one FAST. I'd hate to have my last little boy left out! She acted put out but agreed. A week later, this beauty arrived. Anticipating my needs, as she always has done so well, she had been working on it for weeks before I even asked.

Isn't it breathtaking? Can you believe she did all that completely by hand? I know, amazing.*

*I'm sure she'd want me to add: DON'T ASK FOR ONE! THE ANSWER IS NO :)

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jandjwagy said...

Gorge. It's amazing what our parent's generation can do. It really is a beautiful pillow case:)