Monday, July 26, 2010

An AWOL Update

So BlogHer sends me a "where the hell are you" email when I don't post for two weeks. I'm exaggerating, it's actually a very nice reminder that I've gone AWOL along with an understanding note that all bloggers need a break. Indeed I do need a break. But not so much from the blogging.

I love this family of mine, but weh have we been busy lately (and now I've given away that I did indulge in devouring a book over the past few days - bet you can guess which one). So here's the current view from the home-front!

Business (and now I think of that episode of Fin and Jake Adventure Time whenever I hear that word..."I remember busssiinneeesss") is booming for Dad. He's had some long days lately but as I constantly remind myself, he's not traveling anymore so it's all good. Fin is working his way through the stack of workbooks that have taken up residence on our kitchen table. I swear I never thought a kid would get THAT excited over mazes and cutting pages! But he's smart as a whip, that one. Dash has *finally* mastered the art of potty usage. Thank Jebus. But seriously, I'm beyond proud and at the same time completely floored that he just decided he was done with diapers and justlikethat started wearing undies. We've had a few accidents but none major and all more upsetting to the trainee than the mommy so that's a win. And although I was uber nervous about it, I gave in to his insistence that he wear undies to sleep out the gate and he has just done beautifully. Potty use, counting, learning his letters, and yet Dash STILL cannot grasp the colors. He knows blue and pink and purple but green, red, orange, and yellow are always wrong. I even gave him a child test for colorblindness which he passed with flying colors. I'm trying not to worry about it, one thing at a time. Kell is a movin and a shakin all over the place. It took the third, but I have finally broken down and had to use a baby gate as it seems like his largest goal in life is to careen head-first down the stairs. He's pulling up on anything he can get his hands on too but still not a steady stander yet. He babbles all day, loudly, and yet still has no teeth?!? The Dr. told me that they don't worry about that till the kiddos hit two. I hope it doesn't come to that. We're also working on the weaning - the main hurdle being that he HATES milk. I left him unattended with Monika for few minutes today and she was all too eager to show him the beauty of chocolate milk. So I guess the good news is that I can get him to drink the stuff, it just has to be chocolate. Stinker.

I'm still trying to get my butt in running shape. Registration for the half-marathon opened this past week (I know, right, it's in November! Why are you stressing me out already?!?). I haven't officially signed up yet. I need to be able to run 4 miles easily and get my long runs over 6 to feel like I could really do it. It just seems soooo far...But I don't think I could forgive myself if I don't do it, so I guess I should just buck-up and sign up already. I've also been trying to get the fam out and about more this summer - to the beach, the pool, the zoo, the grove - and so far so good. Not to be gushy, but I really am so blessed to have that husband who rolls over and just asks what I want to do each day. Well, each weekend day. And that's after grumbling about whichever kid refused to go to bed/got up to use the bathroom/lost a pacifier etc. It's not all sunshine around here people!

I promise a more interesting entry soon. Like how I would have smacked that Farrah on Teen Mom if she were my daughter too (I mean seriously, what an ungrateful little ho!) Or perhaps an open discourse on whether or not my plan of finding someone to pose as the mythical Miss Crabapple (the evil, child-hating, wooden paddle-wielding babysitter) to frighten the snot out of my kids could cause possible therapy demanding damage. I say no. Discuss...

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