Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colorblind or Creative

If you have small children, you watch a good amount of Nick Jr. (for those without, it's all kids shows with no commercials). In between shows they sometimes have art activities or other fun stuff for the kids. The "parent" on today's segment was an African American man. The "participants" were an African American boy and a little white girl. As we were watching it, I wondered if Finley would associate skin color with parentage. So I asked him, do you think they're brother and sister? Do you think that's their dad?

His first response? Laughed at me. Oh it gets better. Then he tells me that that man adopted them because the parents who gave birth to them were too young to keep them and so they gave them to that man. This was said in total seriousness. I asked him why he thought that and he said "Mom, I know!"

I might have to start watching Teen Mom after he goes to bed...


Cara said...

Wow, Fin's response to you shows how perceptive kids can be to things.

At first I misread that you did already watch Teen Mom, but I see that's not the case. Only one set of parents elected to give their baby up for adoption, and they are so white-trash but ultimately I think made the healthiest choice, knowing they came from unstable homes themselves and weren't ready.

Anyway, wow your Fin is really imaginative and smart to know that could be the case. Are any of his classmates openly adopted that would have given him this insight? Or out of curiosity, are there kids in pre-school with your sons who have two moms or dads?

Maggie said...

Oh no, we're regular viewers. And the parents who gave their child up make me cry damn near every episode - I'd like to adopt THEM!

He has been exposed to the two mom set recently and my brother is adopted. So he has experience with that extending beyond teen mom. Still...That kid is his own person!