Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dear Realtors,

Dear Southern California Realtors,

Please read the MLS notes before planning a showing at my home.

You will see that they clearly note that you MUST speak with the homeowner before showing. They also stipulate that you allow two hours notice as I have three small children. Perhaps that "three small children" needs to be in bold so that you will realize that 9pm showings are NOT appropriate. Also, it'll be very dark then. And I think that's a creepy time to want to see any house.

Please do not "drop by." I don't appreciate walking in and knowing someone has been in my home without my knowledge. I especially don't appreciate it when you don't even bother to leave a card so that I have to call my Realtor to see if anyone has accessed the box. I'm easy to reach, I am always either home or available on my cell. Both numbers are conveniently in the listing notes for your use. Don't give up after just one either. Go ahead, try them both. You'll get me. Promise.

If you call and make an appointment to see my home, please come at the time you have selected. I didn't choose that time, YOU DID. Say you would like to see my home between 1 and 3? Well, I will tell you that's naptime for the wee ones but I can make it work. DO NOT SHOW UP AT 4. And if you make an appointment, please don't just not show up. You know, like the asshole who told us they had a client who REALLY wanted to see our home and knew it was an inconvenience with kids, but could ONLY come at dinnertime on Halloween night? Yeah, I guess it was ok that we had to go out and I couldn't make the dinner I'd planned on. But then you didn't show up?!?! Yeah, you SUCK.

I'm glad that it hasn't happened since, but that time you let your clients come in and set our chinchillas free? That totally sucked.

And a last final shout out to the Realtor who called today at 4:25 to say she would be showing my home between 4 and 5. IN YOUR TIME MACHINE?!?! Why not just say 4:30? I was out of the house for an hour. You must have just missed me. Funny that there was no message on my cell phone (quitter). Sorry my house was a mess, but again, that's why you CALL ME FIRST. As I was listening to your message, I realized it was 5:15. So I called you back to see if you were still coming. It took you TEN MINUTES to confer with someone?!? in your car and verify that you did in fact come to my home already. Thanks for that card you left. JACKASS!

Listen, I know being a Realtor is hard. I know people run you around and the market sucks blah blah blah. But really, if my Realtor can do her job AND be a good person, so can you.



Liz at 4 GUYS and A DOLL said...

ugh....that stinks!!! We have moved/sold a house 4 times and never had that bad of an experience...So sorry you are going through it...hopefully it will sell soon!

Maggie said...

It's just an awful market here. Just did a search and in the communities we're looking at moving to, there are 68 homes on the market and only 11 (including us) are standard sales. That seems SO INSANE!

Cindy said...

Ugh! Reminds me of a realtor who showed up at my house AFTER I BOUGHT IT and wanted to show it to a client. I said "No, this is my house. It's not for sale." They replied "Oh, yes it is--says so right here in the listing." I guess the old realtor forgot to remove it.

Caroline said...

Oh funny. I guess it is a good thing that you can't be at home when they look at your house, because I don't think I'd be able to control my temper. Super annoying. I promise that when John and I start looking this spring, we will make sure our Realtor is respectful of the homeowners.

Maggie said...

Oh Caroline, you can be home! We had a realtor call and say they were down the street - and I was elbow deep in homemade icing for Dash's bday cupcakes. You know, the kind that you have to finish and use IMMEDIATELY! So I just told them they were going to have to deal with us :)

Cindy, my friend had the same thing happen - more than a few times! And she bought a foreclosure so she has people left and right coming from collection agencies too.