Friday, February 04, 2011

"Tonight" I'm An Old Lady

I like to keep up with top 40 music, it makes me feel less mom and more real person with a life. I like listening to things with a good beat and imagining I'm young and fun at some club with my better half. One of the songs in heavy rotation right now is "Tonight" by Enrique Iglesias.

And I can already hear the teenagers snickering.

One day last week the song came on the radio, only where it usually says "Tonight I'm loving you", it didn't say loving. It said F*ing. Yeah. I couldn't get it off my mind all day and eventually decided maybe the radio station was editing the song and messing with me. So when I got home and had safely ushered the littles to go and play elsewhere, I pulled open itunes. Oh that radio station was only bringing the honesty and in the real version nothing was omitted!

My vision of sloshing my drink around while dancing in some swanky LA club was immediately replaced with a bunch of girls at the prom. You know those girls, you were one, or at least you watched them. Those girls who lose their minds when their favorite song comes on. The girls who start jumping up and down and screaming and running to drag their dates to dance. The girls who then proceed to "act out" the song and grind on whatever boys are close by.


Oh. My. Jebus.

Just give me my AARP card and my cane now. I immediately called my mom peeps who confirmed my old lady status, shared my concern but also reminded me that school probably would only be able to play the "loving" version. But that doesn't make it any better! It's out there now! Now I know they'll be thinking about the other version the whole time!

Sigh. I'm going all in. We'll be switching to the 80's station here from now on. At least they know how to put a thin veil over the obscene.


Jenny N' Boys said...

I hear you sister. Chad and I joke constantly about the sex talks we'll be having with our boys. If we put together what both our parents said to us it would go..."everything you need to know you will learn on the streets, but everyone is doing it, so wear a condom."

I think as long as you are open with them about when the right time is (say when they are married, have a good job and can afford to have children should it come to that) they will be fine. I do miss the massive censoring that used to go on, but has suddenly left. The other night they said Ass on Glee and I said to Chad, "isn't that not allowed?" I guess it is a sign we are getting old. :)

Cara said...

So, I don't even have children yet, but when a co-worker told me that the lyrics to that song were NOT "Tonight I'm lovin' you," I thought it was not cool. First off, it just seems like it was meant to be 'sensational' and secondly it just sounds stupid, doesn't it?

And the bigger song of late that crosses that inappropriate title line has to be Cee-Lo's "F**k You" which I first heard as the radio friendly version. I'm feeling like I finally understand why my piano teacher got so mad at me when I told her an adult joke I'd heard at 8 years old. Adults know the thing to do is be innocent, be a kid as long as you can, don't grow up too fast.