Monday, August 29, 2011

Mom Goes To School

My first photo assignment for my first ever photography class was kind of a pain in the ass. First of all, it had to be done completely using the camera's automatic camera setting. I have been shooting in Manual exclusively since I got the 7D and to say that it's automatic performance is lacking would be a huge understatement! Not being able to set my own ISO, aperture and shutter speed was like torture. And not being able to choose my own focal points? Yeah suck. Now add the fact that all the pictures had to be taken outside with no flash? I thought that wouldn't be an issue, but the camera wanted to pop the flash every.single.time. Ugh. Oh and all cropping had to be done in camera with no post editing. Sniffle, I miss photoshop.

Even the assignment itself was a challenge - we were given ten words and we had to be creative in capturing them on film. I am NOT an outside the box thinker. NOT. I like my box. Anyway, here were my attempts...

1. Twist: It's diet coke! With Splenda! And look at the twist! (sigh)

2. Trek: Baby feets :)
3. Tower: Succulent spray
4. Tow: Special thanks to Nik and Briar for staging this one!
5. Tinsel: Decorative, Ornamental and Sparkly? Check.
6. Timid: Glass ladybug on an angle
7. Tiger: Striped and Ferocious
8. Three: My three favorite people...
9. Texture: Yeah, I probably could have been more creative with this one...
10. Terminial: This was my favorite. It's where we have to drop Fin off in the morning. The place where I hand him off to begin his long stretch of day without me. The terminus of my role as his primary educator and the beginning of his real formal education. Sigh.
Can't wait to see how it goes! Up next: how sick I am of reading photo critiques that use the word meaning every two seconds. Sigh.

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