Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Horton the Elephant

Anyone who has one knows that life with a two-year-old can be exhausting. But then there are days like today when you think that this could be an age you could love...

After a trip to Whole Foods, and feeling guilty for no afternoon playdates, I decided to take Fin across the street to Khols and see if there was a new little treat I could bring him home with. He was being VERY good today. So in we went and they had a special on Dr. Seuss books ($5 and all benefitting a charity) and while I was asking him which one we should get, I failed to notice the large corresponding toy display behind me. Fin grabs an elephant and hugs it tight, yelling at me that it's the most beautiful elephant ever and "look how long his nose is mommy! Feel how soft he is!". A saleslady, who was watching the whole exchange, bent down and asked "what is the elephants name." Fin looked at at me and said "Mommy, what's his name?". I looked at the book - Horton Hatches an Egg - and told him it was Horton. He snuggled hin close and says "You can come home with me Horton".

Needless to say, Horton and Fin are enjoying a snack on the couch and watching Wonder Pets together:)

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