Friday, January 11, 2008

To Dash at Three Months

Dearest Baby Dash,

I cannot believe that you're three months old already! It was terribly hard for me to find the time to sit down and write this - you and your brother keep me so very busy!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about what your life has been like these past three months. I must say - you are one terrific baby. Aside from the normal baby spit up and explosive diapers (three outfits yesterday!), you're really pretty easy. I hope I don't regret saying that! You're still just a boob guy, but I think we'll try getting you used to a bottle soon. You've transitioned seamlessly from mommies bed into your own crib, which is great but I do miss you're little body in bed next to me. You're holding your head up like a champion, working during tummy time and trying desperately both to sit up and to talk. Your father and I know you have so much to tell us and will likely follow in your brother's chatty footsteps. You are definitely your own little person though - it's amazing how one gene pool can create two different little boys! The biggest difference between you and your brother is that you sleep through the night a few times a week. I can't tell you how great that is for Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, you're not so much of a napper :) We can't decide who you look like yet, but you don't look too much like Fin except when you're smiling - which you do VERY often. You're a total ham!

The household routine hasn't changed too much since you arrived. We spend our mornings getting ready and doing things around the house. Then it's naptime. On good days - which are frequent - you and Fin and I all nap together. I think there is no greater feeling than being all snuggled in bed with you and Fin. We get up, have a snack, and it's off to a playdate. Fin's friends love you (almost as much as he does)! Taylor and Maya are both going to be big sisters soon so you will have little friends of your own to play with as you get older. You love to watch all the kids play and I know you're just waiting for the day that you're able to get up and run alongside your brother. Don't grow up too fast for Mommy though!

I don't know what it is, but it seems like no one is happy in our house in the early evening! I think we're all overly anxious for daddy to get home. When he does, we have tub time. You love being in the water. For now, mommy gets in with you and Fin to make sure everyone gets all clean, but someday you'll be able to take a tub with just you and Fin. Oh the pictures mommy will take! After tubs, it's jammies and story time before you're off to bed.

That's all for now little Dash. I can't wait to watch you grow and see the little boy you will become. How lucky we are to have you as a son/brother in our family!

Much Love,

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