Monday, December 08, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle, My Little Star

Last week Fin came home with the words to the song that his class will be performing in the Christmas Pageant in two weeks. It's basically a Christmas version of "Twinkle, Twinkle", which is smart because EVERY kid knows how that one goes. Unfortunately for me, Fin was more than a little irked that they had changed the words on him.

After putting the boys down for a nap, I stood in the kitchen staring at the lyrics weighing my options. I could pretend I'd never seen them and let the teacher teach the song. Or, I could help my kid learn it and be that parent who makes her kid sing it three times a day. Ultimately, I love the sound of my child singing way too much to pass up an opportunity to hear it more often.

It's been a week and Fin's mastered it. Last night I decided he should hold a concert for us. So I popped him up on his stage (our bed) and we found seats in the audience (on the floor) and Fin began. He got through the first verse and stopped.

"Hey, there are NO BABIES ALLOWED at MY SHOW!"

This was very clearly directed at Dash who was on my lap.

"But Fin, Dash would be sad if he missed your show."

Child looks at parents thoughtfully and continues on his song. Then again stops.

"Ok, get ready, this is the END!"

Parents try to control laughter through the last verse.

Then later, while in the tub, Fin looks at me, squints, and says:

"Ok, babies CAN come to my show, but only if they have clean diapers. I don't want any stinky wees or poopies at my show" (turns to Dash) "You hear me Dash, you can't have any poopies at my show so make sure mommy puts clean pants on you."

We can't wait.

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Joasia said...

I agree with Fin! I wouldn't want any poopies at my show, either! Haha! :)