Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Ready...

With boy child #3's arrival imminent, we will have to make some room adjustments. We like (and need) our office space too much to give that up, so it was decided that Fin and Dash would become roommates. But how to do it? We already had a very nice full-size bed in Fin's room and the room is too small to add a twin bed into the space along side it. We discussed adding a toddler bed for Dash, but thought that was a waste of money since he'd outgrow it quickly. Getting two twin beds was scrapped because then we'd have to toss out said very nice full mattress. Brooks was VERY excited at the prospect of Bunk Beds. We could do a twin over a full and still make use of the existing mattress and the space. Strike one for that plan arrived with the stomach flu last winter - all I could picture was the aftermath of top-bunker feeling the need to evacuate in the middle of the night onto protruding bottom-bunker. Strike two happened while looking at them in the store and realizing that Fin (who sleeps all night without moving AT ALL) had ZERO interest in climbing up the ladder while Dash (who can be heard smashing his head into any given side of his crib all night)wanted nothing more than to be king of the hill. Nope, not going to work.

So we decided to go with a nice full-size bed with a twin trundle for Dash. We thought this would make the best use of the space and also keep Danger Baby safely close to the ground. I promised Brooks than when we move, this bed can go in the single boys' room (still undecided who will be lucky enough to get their own room) and we can revisit bunk beds for the shared room. This way we'll also have a ready guest spot for snoring daddies sleepover buddies.

After a failed attempt two weeks ago (wrong bed) we finally got the bed delivered and the room set up this weekend. I admit, the bed was bigger than I thought it would be, but Brooks is a spacial Ninja and we've almost got it all back together :)

Wait, do we still use the Box Spring?
Just have to rehang some pictures...
Ahhh, done :)

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