Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lessons Learned and Memories Made

We're back! I have to admit right away that the boys were fantastically well behaved on the outbound flights - even getting to meet the pilots on our connection. We all had an amazing time and thankfully this year there were few issues with a dislike of the sand. The kids did not take leaving well and asked if they could just live there - don't we all wish guys! Now let's start working on Chief for three weeks next year :)

Some beach lessons and memories...
  • The Atlanta Airport sucks. Seriously. Charlotte is a much better connection. And the Wilmington Airport just may be the nicest ever.
  • 2 kids, 1 stroller, 2 backpacks and a pregnant woman do NOT fit into a single bathroom stall. Or more accurately, they don't fit out the door of said bathroom.
  • Red-eye flights are the best way to travel cross-country with smallish children.
  • If you are stuck outside freezing in the arctic and you start to feel so warm you begin to shed your clothes, it means you have two minutes or less to live.
  • Fin does not sleep well at the beach. At all.
  • I am, in fact, too pregnant to travel.
  • My dad will always grill the best steaks and rent the worst movies.
  • Some people have NO beach etiquette.
  • It doesn't matter how well you closed everything, something will still explode in your toiletry case. Generally, this will be either the thing capable of the largest mess or the thing you will most need at your destination.
  • Black Henna tattoos look deceptively real and last far too long
  • Uncles make the best babysitters.
  • I will never take for granted CA's lack of biting insects. In fact, I will make an effort to sit outside on nice evenings whenever possible to take full advantage of that fact.
  • When you take a vacation that involves sitting on the beach all day for 10 days, you really don't need more than 3 outfits.
  • It's stupid to make any plans at the beach other than sitting on the beach. You just won't do them.
Next year can't come fast enough!

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