Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates and Decisions

So here's last week's belly shot. 31 weeks. I'm huge. I'm just going to own it. Someone asked when I was due and when I told them August they were shocked. I'm short. I have no midsection. In other baby news, I failed the one hour GD test (I know, we're ALL surprised, right?) and declined the 3 hour test. My endo is out of town this week so by the time I get in to see him I'll be 33 weeks. Considering that the last time he saw me with Dash I was 34 weeks, I'm really hoping that means I'll only have to endure one visit. He's a nice guy, but really any pregnant woman will tell you that there are ENOUGH required Dr. visits already!

So back to feeling huge, I'm uncomfortable as all get-out. This baby has an amazing ability to crush my lungs and make me feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest. Just going upstairs is enough to exhaust me if he's in the right position. That's getting old. Forget about sleeping comfortably. I indulge in Tylenol PM (which my dr. assured me is safe!) once or twice a week just so I can get SOME sleep. I think each pregnancy I've forgotten how much it stinks to be this large and uncomfortable. And although I feel like I might be bigger at this stage than I was with Fin or Dash, Brooks assures me that I'm just right. Good husband ;)

Last week was "baby week" on Disc and TLC, and so Brooks and I were watching a few shows this weekend. We both became a little fascinated with the women who had epidurals and were all talky and smiley even through the pushing phase. I quickly had to remind both of us that for those women, the pushing phase also seemed to go on forever whereas my natural births have literally been one or two pushes. Actually, I didn't even really push for Dash, my body just kind of took over (not to be gross, but imagine how you feel when you have the stomach flu...not exactly like you have a choice on whether or not you throw up!). But I feel tired. To the bone tired. And there is a little part of me that wonders what it would be like to just get an epidural at the first sign of pain and be able to nap and smile and laugh... In the end I'm too chicken (I know, too chicken to have an epidural?!?). I want to feel ok afterwards and so I'll just grin and bear it. Probably.

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Joasia said...

You do look just right. Beautiful! Thinking of you! :)