Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Kell at 7 Months

My Dearest Baby Kellan,

I was diligent about writing notes to your biggest brother Finley and then somewhat regular at writing them to Dashel, but the three of you keep me so very busy that I haven't found a free second to write one to you!

Part of that is because you are THE MOST high needs babe on the planet! You can't stand to be put down for more than a few seconds (you are, in fact, sitting on my lap as I write this). I never thought I would look forward to a child learning to crawl, but if it gives you a sense of independence and gives my arms a rest, I will welcome it! When I'm not too busy holding you, I'm taking your picture. Your cuteness thrills me to no end. Truly, I apologize in advance for what your future girlfriends will have to endure.

I wish I could say that you are sleeping through the night, but you're still waking up and often more than once. It's a good thing that you're so cute otherwise you'd be in trouble! We tried to stop swaddling you a few weeks ago and it didn't go well AT ALL. So for now you're still a swaddled babe. We were in Palm Springs last weekend when an accident ruined your only swaddle blanket and Daddy tried to wrap you up in the extra hotel room blanket. It was pretty funny but mostly did the trick!

You're still taking all your meals "at the bar" but are anxious to try any foods mama is eating too. I can't wait till I see your first teeth so I can share more with you. You LOVE those baby yogurt chips and puffs too. We're trying to get you on a schedule of eating babyfood every night before bed too, I'm hoping that might help you to sleep better. But overall I'm trying to enjoy each moment of your remaining babyness. I've gotten rid of the swing, the bouncer, and most of the clothes you've outgrown. It's hard for me to know that I'll never bring home another new baby of my own, but the three of you are enough work for this mama! Rest assured, you will always be my littlest baby.

You're babbling up a storm, but so far Mama is the only real word you have - and only then when I've allowed someone else to try and hold you. Which means that so far I've only gotten to hear it as a pathetic wail. Hopefully more words and better circumstances are around the corner! You laugh easily and often and you seem to think that your brothers are the most hilarious people on the planet - you just can't wait to go play with them! You've finally mastered the art of sitting and I think that crawling will be right around the corner. Now if only I could get you to do it all without the spit up :)

That's your life right now, Kell. As long as Mama's holding you, you roll right along with everything your brothers have on their schedules. And don't tell your Dad, but I'm ok with your needy baby self. I know that you'll be independent in the blink of an eye and with that all my baby days will be behind me. So for now, I'm just going to enjoy it.

All My Love,

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