Monday, April 26, 2010

My Favorite Things: Kitchen

There's been talk of moving lately (don't worry, we're not going anywhere for at least another year). But it made me realize that if we did move, there are many things I'd actually miss about this house. Things that, for one reason or another, would be impossible/unreasonable to duplicate in our next home. So I decided I'd do a photo-doc of the things that I love in and about this house. I started in the kitchen. Because it was lunch time. Hope you enjoy it!
I cheated a bit, this is an older picture. I always loved this pitcher. Then Brooks brought me these flowers and I feel even more in love with it as a vase. It's from a set of antique china that my late Uncle Tommy collected. He gave me a tutorial on how to start collecting it myself - once I had any money to spend on it :) Knowing how much I loved it, my mother bought it from my aunt when Tommy passed away. A beautiful thing, connected to the memories of a beautiful person, filled with beautiful flowers = bliss. And toss in a bit of serendipity - what are the odds of china that exactly matches my kitchen?!?
Brooks and I got married 3 days after Christmas. My Uncle Bud and Aunt Beverly gifted us with a beautiful box filled with magical ornaments to begin our holiday collection (more here). This flying frog was in that box, but I just thought he was too adorable to only see seasonally. I've always had a fondness for frogs. On a whim, I had Brooks string him up with fishing line. And now he hangs over our dining table. Just to make me smile.
I adore everything in this picture. The lizard was just a spur-of-the-moment purchase at a roadside stand somewhere near Fillmore. I laughed that I liked it and Brooks bought it. And we laughed about where the heck we'd put it. I love memories like that. And I like how he hangs and watches me cook. The box is an antique repurposed as a recipe box. My mother gave it to me filled with all of her favorite recipes and those of Brooks' mom. Yes, she even laminated them so that I don't get them all grubby as I cook. I love having that little piece of her close at hand. Although I should have the phone next to it since I am completely lacking any culinary instinct and must call her at each step of the cooking process. The salt and pepper shakers are new. Brooks bought them for me at the La Cruset outlet on our way back from Palm Springs. He wanted to buy me a pot, but I just don't cook enough to justify that expense. These were just too cute to pass up.
Wow, I guess from these photos you'd think I had a thing for animals. Or even animals with inappropriate wings. I found this at a little local boutique a few years ago. I loved that the bow matched my kitchen. He's made of stone and is supposed to bring me good luck. Oink.
My apologies for the awful faux panorama. I had intended to use only one of the three photos I took, but then they just didn't tell the whole story. The entire border of the kitchen is decorated in antique kitchen utensils - with green handles. I can't take credit, it was my mom's idea. But I love it.

I think I'll always have a green kitchen...


Liz said...

such a cute kitchen!

Maggie said...

Thanks Liz! I like it. Makes me feel guilty I don't use it more often ;)