Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shoes Night Out

After a long absence, I took my boys to the mall this week to walk around and shop a little bit. Before I realized it I had been sale-suckered into buying a pair of super high Steve Madden heels (let's say it involved a few scratch-n-save cards and two very enthusiastic scratchers who were elated to discover a 40% off coupon). Upon returning home and posting news of my new additions on Facebook, a conversation commenced between my stay-at-home mom friends lamenting the fact that we never seem to get the opportunity to wear our fancy footwear. And an idea was born. Shoes night out. Boxes were pulled from the top of closets, shoes were dusted off and out went the Mamas! We had such a fantastic time - this will definitely become a new tradition. Here are some of the guests of honor and a shot of the Mamas :)

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