Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Long Overdue Update!

Usually these start with saying that I promise to be better about writing and updating. But really, I won't. Well, at least not for the next few weeks. We'll be WAY too busy at Chez Martin.

The Good News: Our house has sold. Yay! A nice little family with one small boy will be moving into this house in March. And we will be moving out! Yay for moving! Which brings me to the bad news...

The Bad News: We have no where to move right now. UGH! I'm trying to keep it in perspective, it'll happen. The place of our dreams will be there for us. I just have to keep praying that it falls into place fast enough that we can avoid the dreaded double move. We have offers in on three short sales but that could take months. The WHOLE market out here in SoCal is all short sales. It's beyond crazy.

So that's our big update. I have LOTS of packing to do! I'll update as soon as we hear anything, so cross your fingers for us!!

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Caroline said...

Congratulations! Definitely an exciting time. Everything will work out.