Friday, August 26, 2005

Ants & Moodswings

Life has been pretty hectic lately. We had a few ants downstairs (maybe 10-15) and so we got the house sprayed. Well, according to Terminix, we angered them. The result? I came downstairs yesterday afternoon and opened the cabinet to a scene out of a bad horror movie- ants were EVERYWHERE. I called Brooks in a panic and he rushed home to meet the Terminix man and help me clean up. In the end, they had to bomb the walls and so Brooks and Veda and I spent a few hours at Starbucks while the chinchillas played over at Judy's. Many hours, some $300 in trashed grocieries and four dishwasher loads later, we were almost done...sigh.

To top it off, I've been having some serious mood swings. To Brooks' joy, I'm not much of a bitch, but I have become quite the cryer. It's bad and it comes out of nowhere. I'm also experiencing some times of intense depression and hopelessness that are balanced at the other end of crazy by these moments of such serenity that I can't even put into words. As my brother eloquently pointed out (after watching too much Discovery Health Channel), "you're really messed up right now"...(me- "what do you mean?")..."You have more hormones in your body right now than you do over every menstrual cycle in your lifetime combined". Yowza! No wonder I'm so outta whack.

I'm working on the nursery this weekend, so I promise next week to get some almost-done pictures up!

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