Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bad Driver. Ratted Out By Kids.

*Fin: Daddy, Mommy had an accident today...

Hubs: WHAT?

Mom: (sigh, keeping expletives to myself)In the grocery store. With a shopping cart.

Hubs: Did you hit someone?

Mom: Uh huh.

Hubs: Hard?

Mom: Uh huh.

Hubs: With one of those giant double carts?

Mom: Yes, (defeat) and it was full. And I was going fast. And the guy I hit was pushing a walker. And I knocked his basket off of the little walker shelf and all over the floor...But he said he was ok and I helped him pick it all up...

Apparently, I shouldn't be allowed to push or drive anything. And yes, it was that kind of day.

*Still SO not the post I want to write, but I have actual real WORK to do tonight so it will have to wait :)

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