Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally, I post...

You've probably heard some rumors (what, Maggie was at a bar and NOT drinking? Something's up...)Yes it's true! Come August, we parents will be outnumbered here. We're still getting over our shock (and our stomach flu) but looking at our (no longer hurling) perfect children, we're excited for what the future holds for us. At least this explains my incurable desire to correct all children everywhere as well as my inability to drive, well, anything lately.

And with this announcement, I bring you....
Top ten things NOT to say when your friend tells you she's pregnant...
(And some answers)

1) Again?
(Yes? No, I just put the last one back? Why is that funny?)

2) Did you do this on purpose?
(That's a rude question. Or, do I look crazy? Depending on when asked.)

3) You know how this happens, right?
(Why this ever comes out of anyone's mouth is a mystery to me.)

4) Oh, you want a girl don't you?
(No, why does everyone assume that? I loves me some boys.)

5) Wow, do you know you'll have 3 kids 3 and under?
(Yes. Being pregnant three times in as many years has NOT taken away my ability to do simple math.)

6) I thought I saw a tummy!
(After your first you show faster. Or, F*$#k Off. Depending when heard.)

7) Where are you going to put the kid?
(We're not giving up the office so don't ask. Fin and Dash will draw strawls and loser shares a room. Note that this will be rigged. Best sleepers must bunk up.)

8) You're due in August? Wow, you're in for a long hot summer!
(Um, yeah, but last time I checked, it's not really any hotter just because you're pregnant. I'm looking forward to having an excuse for the excessive sweating that triple digits bring.)

9) So is three it or are you just going to keep going?
(Never ask a pregnant woman about her future childbearing plans. You won't get an accurate answer.)

10) Better you than me!
(I couldn't agree with you more.)


Abs and Jason said...

Congrats Maggie (and Brooks, and boys)! We met at Tom and Bonita's at Thanksgiving, and I still check your blog, but had to leave a comment this time. What a blessing to have such amazing healthy children and more to come!
Still working on a blog of my own... We'll see if it ever happens!

Abby Maxwell Dodson

jandjwagy said...

Dude!! I think I asked about 8 out of 10 of these questions!!! So sorry:( Although, I am excited to meet the newwest member of the Martin family!

Maggie said...

No worries, you're so not alone! I've definitely heard every one of these more times than I can count :)

Cara said...

Congratulations on baby #3. From all I can gather, you and Brooks make awesome parents, and I want to learn from you. I like how you are taking this news so well, and instructing on etiquette when you have a friend with 2 little ones breaking that news. That will come in handy for years....What I am most curious about though is if the youngest one, who likely has more trouble sleeping through the night, wakes the eldest one because walls are rarely soundproof?

John said...

I'm so proud that my response happens to be the number one response.

Louisa said...

What a great post! The questions people really makes you wonder! Congratulations!!