Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 Weeks...How Did We Get So Far?

Snoopy and I had our regular appointment with the NP this morning. Looking good! We had a funny exchange, but for you to really grasp the humor you have to know a few things: English is not her first language and her accent is thick, she was my NP with Fin also so I feel that I know her well, and also she's totally adorable and generally very nice (not like Cranky McNastypants who was my NP with Dash!). Anyway, our conversation went like this:

NP: You're belly not so big for 18 weeks! Itty Bitty. (Glances at chart) OH WEIGHT GAIN LOTS! WHERE WEIGHT GO (checks my feet, looking for signs of the swelling that added at least 20 lbs to my pregnancy with Fin)?

Me: It's all in my HINEY!

NP: (Erupts in fit of giggles) Give some to baby, hiney not need it!

You're telling me lady!!

In other news, Snoopy has started really kicking me in earnest. It's an odd reminder of how real all this is and how quickly things have been moving...


Hallie said...

How exciting!!! Can't believe the little guy is already kicking! I

Maggie said...

Me neither! I thought I was feeling some flutters but he really got me good a few times today :) You're next mama!