Thursday, August 13, 2009

39 Week Holy Hell I'm Still Pregnant Update

So yeah, I'm still here...Despite everyone's assurance that "you'll go sometime this week" I in fact, have not.


At this point with Dash I was running around the pumpkin patch and laughing about how maybe my third turn on the hayride would get things started...This time? I can barely make it twice around the block without clutching my who-ha and cringing. So not good. I'll have an hour or two of solid contractions and then, just when I've called all the troops to put them on high alert, NOTHING. To say that I'm frustrated would be the understatement of the century.

Last night was brutal. Woke up at 1am with horrible cramps and pain (almost like pulled muscle pain) an couldn't get comfortable. Went into the office and messed around on the computer and then ended up in the bathtub by 2am in a last-ditch attempt to relax. By 3am I felt like I might be able to sleep, and blessedly I was able to get back in bed and get a few hours in before Dash woke up at 7 (again thank God, not his usual 6:30). Feeling like dead lady walking, I begged Brooks to stay home and help today. Not only did he agree, but he endorsed an afternoon prenatal massage appointment with enthusiasm. I have to say, before you remind me that I'm a brat, that this was exactly the third massage I've EVER had (and my first prenatal one) and the first time I've actually asked for one. I had a spa gift certificate still from my parents from Christmas - I had been waiting to use it once I could take full advantage of the sauna, hot tub and everything else preggos can't do. But I just felt like if I didn't do SOMETHING today to make myself feel better, I might just crack.

Oh, My, Bliss.

Why did I wait till the last days of my last pregnancy to do this?!?! I feel better than I have in WEEKS, maybe even months. I can walk. I feel human. And why doesn't the spa have nap rooms for after your appts?!?

So now my plan is to get a good nights sleep, do some fun things with the boys tomorrow morning, go to the Dr. in the afternoon, movies in the evening, Concert in the Park on Saturday, and my mom arrives Sunday...I'll give you the goods after my Dr. appt tomorrow!


Liz said...

I SO feel your pain.....glad you had a good massage today...i'm thinking i might have to get one of those!

clare t said...

Massages are ALWAYS a good idea. I'm really into trigger point self massage. I know. Seriously, though, it's awesome.