Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Just Might Be The First

Woman to be pregnant forever. Or maybe it just feels that way.

And here's my disclaimer...If you don't want to read graphic things about pregnancy/birth etc, you best click away. This is my spot and I'll overshare if I want to. Click on the kids blog and oogle their adorable faces instead.

So I saw Dr. Tuso yesterday - I am 4 cms and he stripped my membranes. And still, no baby. Lots of bloody show (see, overshare) and some solid contractions, but nothing amounting to anything. WHO SITS IDLE AT 4 CMS?!? I mean, I watch enough Baby TV to know that there are plenty of bitches who are getting their epidurals at that point. As a matter of fact, I saw a show today where two chicks were admitted and anesthetized at 3 cms. Made me almost consider just going in and getting one now. And if rushing to answer a thousand phone calls were enough to send you into labor, I would be there by now. Sadly, I'm not. And yes, in case you couldn't tell, I'm more than a little disappointed by this.

I have to say, that while I truly thought this dude was going to arrive early (I mean, hello, I was having serious contractions MONTHS ago!?!), my "fear date" has always been tomorrow. You see, Fin and Dash were both born on Thursdays. Not that weird, but both of those Thursdays also happened to be New Moons. Tomorrow? The day before my official due date? Thursday. New Moon. Yep. So now what was once the date I feared I might go to has become...the day I hope not to go past!

And please, no more suggestions of nipple stimulation. Not gonna happen.

If tomorrow passes, and I haven't given up and hurled my behemoth of a body down the stairs, I go back to the Dr. on Friday for a NST and another stripping. And some induction talk. Sigh.

My one VERY positive note? The Butcher is not on call again until September and there's NO WAY I'll go that far :)

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Cara said...

OK then, now I know what stripping the membranes entails. Educational. I hope you have your baby today -- thinking of you!!