Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Great Return

Our vacation is over.


Really, is there anything more depressing than coming home from vacation and knowing that you will have to wait a whole year to again achieve that level of relaxation? Ok, sure there are things that are bigger bummers. But still, it stinks. And while I think that late May/Early June is just the best time to be at the beach, it's ROUGH to know that summer hasn't even really started and already we're out of vacation. We're going to try and plan some long weekends just to have something to look forward to, but I can't believe we have to wait a whole year for our return to the beach.

I never would have considered myself a "beach person". I'm not a huge fan of sand, no longer relish sitting in the sun and hate, HATE, putting on a bathing suit. But when we go to NC with my family, the hose is never far away, Daddy always sets up two giant tarps and no one cares if you run into the ocean in shorts and a tee. The boys love playing in the ocean with Chief, looking for shells with Nanny, setting off fireworks with their Uncles, and building castles and forts with Daddy. It really is a kid's paradise. And all that makes it a parent's paradise.

This year found Finley totally over his distaste for the sand. He was all about digging and building. And the swimming lessons the boys took before we left seemed to make them frighteningly confident in the ocean - they both wanted to run full steam ahead into the waves! Dash enjoyed staying closer in to shore and kicking the waves while Fin preferred to head out as far as Chief would take him - even body surfing in once! They both impressed their uncles with their video-gaming ability, spending hours playing and building boards in Little Big Planet. Chief was up fishing just about every morning and I was quick to usher out anyone awake to watch. Dash got lucky and watched Chief catch a small shark. Poor Fin slept in that day and was greeted with "I got to touch a shark and you didn't!!" Sigh.

Kell loved the ocean too - but only when strapped to daddy. The Bodyglove carrier and the Ergo were our life savers this trip! He also learned some new tricks - waving and saying "hi" in the cutest voice you can imagine. And while we have no crawling yet, he is becoming a master at pulling himself up on things and rolling anywhere he wants to get. He's even able to go from rolling to sitting back upright. I don't remember if the other boys learned that before crawling but I don't think they did. Then again, I know for sure that they've ruined my memory...

Woob and I had a great time too. I think he started to relax as soon as the plane landed and I know his relaxation was complete when he had his first drink in hand. Not having to drive ANYWHERE for two weeks is bliss. I managed to take 1000 pictures - yikes! Which thankfully I was able to download in shifts on Woob's computer which he brought with us. And I swear next year I will remember that I need only ONE decent outfit and more crappy shirts and lax shorts. For me and the kids. I will not overpack. Yes, I am aware I say this every year. Also, we will never fly the Delta connection through Atlanta again. Ever. And I mean that. I feel as though I could have stayed at least another week before feeling the pull of home. Maybe someday.

Now it's back to the grind, the end of school this week and the continuation of the never-ending thousand degree t-ball season, countless pool trips and summer camp are on the horizon. Oh, and endless days of sun screening 4 people who may not even go anywhere.

Which reminds me, It's barely June and we've killed two bottles of sunscreen. Seriously? Why doesn't my insurance provide sunscreen?!? And should I invest in one of those giant tanning caves for easier group application...

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Cara said...

What happened with Delta on this trip? Was it the connection or the airline that stunk? I once spent a Sunday fearing I'd never get back to NYC unless I rented a car through Nashville and drove there...because of Delta.