Friday, July 17, 2009

35 Week Update

It's really hard to imagine that I could get any bigger, but it's totally possible that I could go a few more weeks!

I was telling Brooks this morning that Fin and Dash were both born the night of the new moon (which also happened to be Thursdays). Well, July's new moon is Tuesday (the 21) which feels a little soon. August's new moon is the 20th...which also happens to be a Thursday (as well as the day before my official due date). Brooks' face fell and he said "you CAN'T go that much longer!?!". Heh. I sure hope not! I'm feeling like I'll barely make it into August, but who knows! I've never made it even to 39 weeks before so that would be a record. But we've got everything ready for this little guy, I'd just like to make it to the 36 week mark. I'm feeling physically very ready for pregnancy to be over - my pelvis started "separating" this week, and yes, that is as painful as it sounds. The skin on my stomach feels like it could split open at any second and it's requiring a herculean effort to get up and down these days. I seem to be having contractions regularly every night and sometimes during the day as well and they HURT. Like seriously hurt! And that should mean something coming from someone who has never had a (working at least) epidural.

More next week after I see the Dr...

**And I had to edit this to add proof of how MOTHER TRUCKING hot it is here this week. Yeah, that shit says 112. UGH!

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ian said...

That's a Hot Pretty Tummy! :)