Friday, July 24, 2009

36 Week Update

Appropriately, I had my 36 week appointment today. From now on I go weekly - how the hell did that happen!? Everything looked good. Still no swelling for me, my BP and weight were all good, little guy is head snugly down and measuring right on schedule. I'm even feeling somewhat decent this week (knock on wood). I mean, I'm huge, sleeping is no easy feat and I long to just feel "normal" again, but I don't have too much back or pelvic pain so I'm not complaining!

However, I am definitely at the point in this pregnancy where I don't want to wear pants (eh, I hate pants even when I'm not pregnant, so maybe that's not saying much anyway). But being on the large end of the game, I also only have a few pairs that fit comfortably. That being said, by the time Brooks is home I am more often than not clad in one of my favorite tees and undies. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, let me tell you something about these can only get them at the beach and they look like old sweatshirts that have had the sleeves, neck and bottom chopped off (which if I remember correctly actually was in style at one point in my high school career). But they're super comfy and don't irritate the belly...mostly because they don't cover it! And I won't even tell you how many of these I've collected. One day this week the boys were being AWFUL and Brooks made a joke about working late and I threatened to get in the car immediately and head to his office to drop them off. Part of this threat was that I wasn't going to bother to get dressed/change. He asked if I was wearing one of my favorite shirts and I said duh! And NO PANTS! We both had a good laugh at how his coworkers would respond to my crop-top-sans-pants entrance and I figured I should let you all in on the joke.

So here's my 36 week belly. In my favorite shirt, and I put pants on just for you. And yes, I am aware that it says "Ocean Rescue". I'm seriously considering wearing one of these for the main event ;)

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