Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blankies and Buddies

As anyone with children will tell you, there is NO WAY to predict what will become their security blankets! You know, those special loveys that they can't sleep without and of which you will need to stock up on at least one back-up for the inevitable occasion where they vomit on one, lose one, or you just find yourself so disgusted that you need to wash the dang thing. When Fin was a born, my cousin Jerry sent him a blanket that had a fluffy frogs head attached. It was just the perfect size for him to snuggle up underneath and he decided almost immediately that it was his favorite. When he was a few months old, Brooks had to go to Vegas for a conference. He brought back a stuffed Steiff puppy for Fin. Puppy and Frogger were immediately those comfort items for Fin. We haven't been on a single trip without them - in fact he's never spent a night apart from them.

When I was pregnant with Dash, I saw a matching duck blankie in a store. And likewise, not long after he was born Brooks was on another trip to Vegas (although if memory serves, this was a fun one!) and brought back Bear (from the same stuffie family as Puppy). Dash's affections for Bear and Ducker are unsurprisingly nearly identical to his brothers.

So of course this baby had to have his own set of loveys. And we chose Giraffe and Pig.

And here's the family photo. I promise a more complete one when I can capture all three boys with their favorite things.

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