Thursday, July 07, 2005

18 Week Update

I'm coming up on 18 weeks, which is pretty close to 20 weeks, which is the halfway point. Yay! I have a feeling that the second half of this pregnancy is going to go by much slower than the first half, despite the fact that I feel alot better these days. The morning sickness is gone, the congestion is worlds better and I not only have energy, I have TOO much energy! I went to bed last night at midnight and was wide awake at 4 am. Nothing helped to get me back to sleep so I ended up jotting down ideas for the nursery and staring at the ceiling. I'm also finally starting to feel little piglet move around. It's like living in the movie Alien. When I get up or roll over, I have the sensation that my belly is a bottle of water with a sailboat swishing around in there, it's beyond odd. So far the movements aren't strong enough (or the piglet not big enough) for Brooks to feel from the outside, so hopefully that will be soon.

I have yet to make it back to Yoga, but I'm swimming every day. I've never been a water person (I only put a baithing suit on once on our honeymoon), but there's something about this pregnancy that makes me want to swim in a sunny pool all day. I actually went to two different pools yesterday - swam in our neighborhood pool in the early afternoon and then went to the gym before dinner and did some more laps. I would like to strangle anyone who makes maternity swimsuits. I don't know a SINGLE person who's boobs haven't taken over with pregnancy - so why is it impossible to find a maternity suit with any support?!?! And most of them are halters too, which means I am basically holding up cement bricks with my head. Ugh. I gave up and went to Marshalls in search of big fat lady suits. I bought one (which makes Brooks giggle) and then also bought a bikini for diversity. At this swimming rate, I'll have to go back another one soon too. I really think that when you get pregnant, your house should comply by growing another room and your wardrobe should amazingly just grow with you.

We decided to hire a doula. She's also teaching our labor classes and Brooks and I were both totally comfortable with her from the start. She also recommended that we choose Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills, so I guess that's where the big birth will be. Not too much else to report - we find out the baby's gender next wednesday - can't WAIT!

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