Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Swelling and Kicking

So I noticed about a week ago that my rings were starting to feel tight. Then, this weekend, I had to take my right hand ring off it was bothering me so much. And today, my wedding band had to go. My engagement ring is barely fitting so I doubt that will last till the weekend. Of course, with nerves of jelly, this was enough to make me cry. I love those rings and the thought of going months without being able to wear them makes me so so sad. Ugh, this stinks. My mother had the same problem so at least I know it's normal. I'm going to have to go to Target or something to get a larger band just for the next few months so I don't look like an unwed mother-to-be.

Little Piglet has been twirling and kicking up a storm lately. It comes so out of nowhere and so hard that I seem to always exclaim 'Ow, F*&$er!' While I'm sure that this greatly amuses all onlookers that I would be so aggressive in my response to something they couldn't see, Brooks pointed out last night that this child is going to think it's name is F*&$er :) I'll be stopping that now. Brooks was laying with his head on my belly last night talking to the baby when - THWACK - right in the face! He looked at me aghast and said 'did you do that?!?!'. I could have rolled off the bed laughing.

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