Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday - Two More Days!

Happy Monday! And only two more days until the big Ultrasound! And yes, it has occurred to me that we may not find out the gender. But I was told that candy makes for a very mobile baby and better chances of getting that money shot, so I'll be dosing myself well.

Brooks and I had hair appointments this weekend so we look decent for our trip home to DC. I decided I needed a change, and that I wanted a big one this time. So I was toying with cutting my hair really short when my neighbor remarked that my very long hair was going to be a blast untangling from tiny baby hands. Wow, hadn't even thought of that and it would have been a nightmare! So I went for it and had it cut to my chin. I also went significantly lighter with color too. It's going to take some getting used to, but there are already apparent advantages - I don't have to tangle with it while I sleep which was getting to be a pain and it takes way less time to make presentable. Brooks likes it which is the most important so it's all good.

We spent Sunday watching Ravi - who it must be said is an exceptionally well behaved and bright 4 year old. He has a dinosaur named 'Yo Toy' and is working on his own book chronicling the adventures of 'Yo Toy'. This will, of course, require photographic documentation so he has custody of his parents digital camera. This kind of trust and responsibility was amazing to me since it took Brooks a year to let me use our digital camera unattended. So we stayed busy, lunching at the mall, going to the pool, watching a movie and constructing a serious train set-up from the three buckets of parts his parents hauled over. Ravi left around 8 and we were pooped. Brooks made the assessment that you must work up to the energy level of a four year old in increments and that being thrown into it like we were just makes you more tired. I have to say that Brooks did a great job and that my worries that he would choose this day for his pregnancy freak out were all for naught. It's still coming though...

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