Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy Friday

Why is it that the short weeks always seem to drag on longer than normal ones? Thank God it's Friday! Not much on tap for this weekend other than cleaning house. Brooks and I get haircuts on Saturday so we look nice to go home to DC next week. And we're child-sitting for Gregg and Vivian's son Ravi on Sunday. I've told Brooks it's his job since it will be good practice. I should have something interesting to share on Monday!

So Brooks and I are going to my cousins wedding next weekend and I was having an impossible time finding a dress. I thought I could fit into some of the looser stuff in my closet, but I didn't take into account the boob-growth factor. Oops. So then I bought a dress from Nordstroms Maternity online...let's for a moment discuss that they don't ever actually use pregnant models, just regular models with fake bellies. So, unless you are 6 feet tall and have toothpick legs, you just end up looking obease. And add to that the fact that all these dresses are designed for people who are 9 mos. pregnant and have that big nice firm "definitely pregnant" belly. What about those of us who are, oh I don't know, under 5 foot and just at 5 months with that "could just be fat" belly? So I got the dress and was so was awful! It may be the first time that Brooks has ever told me that something was just bad on me. So I took it back. I was just about at the end of my rope when I decided that since I knew exactly what I wanted, I would see what it cost to have a dress made.

So I contacted a local dressmaker and met with her in her store armed with inspiration pictures. (Note to reader: if you are ever in SoCal and need a dress, get Euginia's number from me!) She's one of those people who know what you want before you do and she helped me find the perfect dress that only needed a few changes to be amazing. It's getting all it's alterations done now, but I'll post pictures if I remember after the big event.

Ok, I'm going to go to the pool so I can get a swim in before my soaps start :)

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